iPhone X +  Moment Anamorphic

Last week I landed back in Toronto after being in Mexico for 7 days to shoot a wedding. The nice thing about the gig was that the wedding was only one day, which meant we had 6 days to explore and relax - I took this time as an opportunity to give Moment’s Anamorphic lens for smartphones a proper spin for photos and video while travelling.


If you’re not familiar with Moment’s anamorphic lens or anamorphic lenses in general, I made this video that demonstrates some of the advantages to this unique aspect ratio and perspective - specifically for smartphones.

Originally I bought the lens for video but this trip made me really appreciate it’s photo capabilities. It’s a little bit of a pain that you have to shoot with the Moment app or else your photos will look “squished” - which you would then have to “desqueeze” in post (this can be done with apps on your phone as well) But I got used to the process after about an hour of shooting.


The below gallery is a few images without any edits applied. These are direct from the iPhone X with Moment’s Pro app.

I think my favorite aspect about shooting anamorphic is the scale. You can capture so much width and size that it makes even this little side street feel grandiose.


One thing I noticed on this trip was how much video people take while traveling with their phones. Now I know most of us don’t want to create big epic films of our travels, most people just want to have some keepsake clips as a memory - but that doesn’t mean they can’t look epic and cinematic. The Moment Anamorphic is easy to carry around. I had it in my pocket the entire trip and it never once got in the way. If I saw a scene I liked I just popped the lens on and shot away, it only added about 10 seconds to my workflow while shooting. The best part is that I didn’t have to carry around any of my bigger cameras like the GH5 or even the somewhat travel friendly G85 or G7.

Besides the wonderful photo quality and perspective I am most pleased with the video. Simple clips come out much more stylized and feel more epic than standard smartphone video clips.

Here’s a short video of some of my favorite scenes captured with the Moment Anamorphic on my iPhone X. I used FilmicPro to capture all of this:

I love gear that has the least barriers to create - Lugging around a fancy mirrorless or DSLR with big lenses is counter to what I think travelling is all about. It’s about your experience and living in the moment wherever you are. This is why in my opinion the Moment Anamorphic is an easy way to add some flair and style to your trip memories without taking away from the trip itself, and why it’s now my absolute favorite lens to travel with.

Get your Moment lens here: http:bit.ly/ptmoment
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