It's $35 bucks...

How much convincing do you really need?

When it comes to photography and filmmaking gear, cheap and good never seem to work in tandem. If something is inexpensive it usually means it's either going to break easily or it's just going to perform like hot garbage. However, sometimes there are exceptions to the rule, and that's where the Fotasy 35mm F1.7 CCTV lens comes into play. A lens that will set you back about $35 USD with an adapter for your camera. You can get it for E-Mount, Canon, and Micro 4/3 - I'm also pretty sure Nikon adapters exist as well. This lens is so cheap it's a miracle it can even focus, let alone be able to capture half-decent images.

2018-05-04 02.54.06 1.jpg
2018-05-03 12.41.21 1.jpg
2018-05-04 02.54.01 2.jpg

It's not perfect - Which isn't surprising given it's price, but it's damn good. You'll notice in the following shot that it's perfectly sharp in the center but gradually degrades as you fan out into the corners. It gives it a vintage, dream-like quality, or it looks like shit. You decide.

2018-05-04 02.54.00 1.jpg

To really put the lens to the test I reached out to Madison Wilson while she was here in New York, and we made a little video together. You can see the full video as well as more of my thoughts on this little lens below!

Again... it's $35 bucks. How much convincing do you need?

Get the lens here: https://amzn.to/2JP5XuQ


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